Volunteer Opportunities 

EpicWrite needs you; help us out!


Do you have a special skill or area of professional expertise? EpicWrite has many opportunities to help behind the scenes.

Currently, we are seeking experienced volunteers in the following areas:

  • Outreach Bring more people to events. This team makes sure information about the times, locations, and descriptions of events reach people who are new to the program as well as those who are already involved.
  • Program and Event Planning Schedule and plan events,  create new curricula, and make sure event details are covered by communicating with other team leads.
  • Facilities Secure appropriate locations for our events, manage contracts and payments, act as a liaison with facility directors.
  • Finance Build budgets and authorize payments for staff, facilities and materials.
  • Fundraising Plan and carry out fundraising events and opportunities for the organization.
  • Grant Writing Find and write grants for the organization that can shore up our infrastructure and make our program available to more participants.
  • Newcomers Develop and maintain ways to help newbies—participants as well as their families—to feel welcomed and at ease.
  • Alumni Stay in communication with our alums and their families, plan reunions, and encourage ongoing participation.
  • Parent Liaisons Answer parent questions and direct parents to resources. Encourage “booster” activities–for example carpools or airport pickup, host homes for participants coming from some distance, (things that cannot be done under the auspices of Epicwrite.) Perhaps a parent group would seek out scholarships from outside organizations, so that more kids may participate in Epicwrite.

Send us an email if you’re if you’re interested, or to ask about what responsibilities are attached to each area.


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