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Katherine BondKatherine Grace Bond is the Founder of EpicWrite, and has over thirty years of teaching experience in both traditional and alternative settings. She completed a BA in Dramatic Arts with a French minor and earned her teaching certificate at Seattle Pacific University. She is a best-selling and award-winning author (Luke’s Journal, The Summer of No Regrets, The Legend of the Valentine.) She is a 2010 Jack Straw Writer, the recipient of a 4Culture Grant for her current project, a YA verse novel, and an Artist in Residence at the Camac Centre d’Art in Marnay-sur-Seine, France.



Andrew Bond joined EpicWrite in 2004, a year after it was founded. A writer and an award winning actor, he serves as one of the EpicWrite StoryCraft instructors and on the Board of Directors. He has worked with teens in drama and writing programs for many years. He is a certificated teacher, teaching Language Arts and Social Studies to 6th through 12th grade students, and is known as an innovative instructor. He completed his BA at the UW, and did post-graduate work at FTS and SMU. Outside of EpicWrite, Andrew is an actor, black-powder gunner, and historical artifacts expert, as well as the dramaturge with the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (B.O.O.M), a piratical-themed fight show/historical reenactment and entertainment troupe, performing up and down the West Coast.


Annika BrowneAnnika Browne is EpicWrite’s Safety Officer. She’s been involved in EpicWrite since she was young and impressionable, and also serves on the Board and Forgemasters planning committee. She’s passionate about making EpicWrite an equally safe and delightful environment for everyone. She has an interdisciplinary BA in Social Work and Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University, and is currently pursuing her masters’ degree at the University of Washington. Annika’s writing appears in The Bacopa Literary Review, Apogee, Northwest Boulevard, and other publications; she was also the recipient of the 2015 Kathy Carlson Flash Fiction Prize.


Aaron BondAaron Bond is the Master Game Designer of EpicWrite. He grew up as a participant in the events and gradually took on more staff responsibilities. Creating a safe and welcoming community is extremely important to him. Aaron also does all the graphic design aspects of the business and is the primary admin for all official EpicWrite social media groups and pages. In addition to EpicWrite, Aaron taught middle and high school at Sky Valley Education Center in Monroe, Washington for two years.



Connor Ross

Connor Ross has been working for EpicWrite for 7 years, more or less, and they still can’t believe how lucky they are. They’re 25, genderfluid, and just the right amount of insane to lead a team of actors and writers on perilous adventures through the hero’s journey.
They’ve written four or five 50,000 word novels under the auspices of NaNoWriMo, and have even been published– although somehow none of those aforementioned novels were. YET.
As of December 2015 they are EpicWrite’s Administrative Overseer, which basically puts them at the forefront of the organization’s charge into a brighter future. Good thing they have sunglasses. B)


AddisonAddison Allred is an individual with a great many hats (ask to see their collection, fifty at last count). A part of the EpicWrite phenomenon for almost a decade, he has filled roles within the organization as staff, director, event coordinator, courier, and recruiter, and on the Board. Among the participants, he is also known as a host of iconic characters, including mentors, warriors, villains, mages, priests, butchers, and bakers, but not yet a candlestick maker. He is always eager to play a new role with an interesting twist, or to help a new player bridge the gap between their story and the ones around them. Addison is pursuing a career in videogame development, and helps Aaron Bond in development of the EpicWrite game system that makes our events so much fun.


Liz Parker has been an actor, writer, and master pun-maker for several years. They have attended EpicWrite since they were thirteen, and staffed for the past two years. You can catch them playing surprise villains, sitting on the Forgemasters, or shouting at full volume. They are completing their degree in Creative Writing. Outside of EpicWrite, Liz is an actor, stage combat and sword instructor, and a professional stunts-person with the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (B.O.O.M), a piratical-themed fight show/historical reenactment and entertainment troupe, performing up and down the West Coast.



Logan Fenner

Logan Fenner was rescued by EpicWrite at age thirteen and they haven’t been able to get rid of him since. He now helps run the camps and causes trouble at all levels. College has stolen much of his time, but he is still quite invested in the future of EpicWrite and its children. He has one published novel, Voiceless, another on the way, and about seventeen more sitting on his laptop because finishing things is hard. When not running around in the woods with swords, he can be found onstage with Riot To Follow, onstage with Old Growth Poetry Collective, or in a library writing the Next Great American Novel.


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