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Tournaments, Faires, and Workshops

Special Events

Year round, we hold numerous special events!

EpicFaire: Great food, magical drinks, and handmade crafts. EpicFaire has it all and more. We invite EpicWrite Veterans, as well as curious civilians to partake in the festivities and interact with costumed characters. EpicFaire usually is a one day event that only happens once a year!

Boffer Tournaments: Want to show of your skills, or just try boffer fighting, but don’t care for role playing? These events are structured events based just around boffer combat. Participants are pitted against one another based on skill level. The winners get cool prizes!

Boffer Building Workshops: Want to learn how to build your own high quality combat boffer? We will teach you our techniques and standards, as well as what to think about when designing a boffer. What’s the best length for you? One blade or two? Bring the boffers you build at these workshops to our Overnight or Summer events. You can even use them in one of our tournaments!

Acting Workshops: Our acting workshops are taught by EpicWrite Board Treasurer Andrew Bond, who minored in Theater and has over 30 years of experience in acting as well as directing plays. Here you will learn professional techniques that can be applied to stage or film acting, and to live action role playing at events like our own.


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