EpicWrite History

How we got started


Local writer and teacher, Katherine Grace Bond started EpicWrite as a one-time exercise in 2003 to teach plotting to her students. The kids came as characters they created (including a pirate, an alien looking for a toaster, and a ghost) and drew cards that directed them on their journey. As they followed the directions, they interacted with one another. Then they wrote down the stories that they had acted out.  At the end, they all shared the stories they had created while role playing.

An early EpicWrite event, circa 2005.

An early EpicWrite event, circa 2005.

By the summer of 2005, the event had moved outside to Fort Worden. We began to have EpicWriters who came to every single event, fall or summer. Some even had mini-EpicWrites in their own backyards. We adopted the slogan “Act. Write. Epic.”

By 2009, EpicWrite™ had become so popular that Katherine began doing quarterly Overnight events, expanding the Summer event to take place over several days.

Aaron directing EpicWrite for the first time in May of 2012

Aaron directing EpicWrite for the first time in May of 2012

In 2012, Katherine’s son, Aaron Bond took over as director of the EpicWrite events.

Finally, in April of 2013, we became a Non-Profit Organization (find out more about Katherine and Aaron on our Staff page).

That “one-time exercise” has grown into a program that has been creating welcoming community for teenagers for a decade.

Today, those original EpicWriters have all grown up, and a new generation of young adults is discovering the fun and camaraderie of creative role playing.


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