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Multiple Days LARP and Writing!

During longer school vacations, we host our huge multi-day camping events for families and participants 11 and up!

At these events we cover the full 9 scenes of our hero’s journey during the role-playing. We also sometimes have time for other activities, such as swimming, capture the flag, campfires and more!

The extra time allows the participants to forge strong bonds with one another. Everyone has ample opportunities to really get to know one another.

Day Camps are hosted at a variety of locations. Recently, we have been working with Acceptance – A Transformational Place and using their camping property in Rochester!

EpicWrite: Acceptance @ Acceptance: A Transformational Place
Aug 17 @ 3:00 pm – Aug 19 @ 2:00 pm

EpicWrite is joining forces with Asperger Experts and Acceptance for our next LARP event! This event is open to the Asperger Experts community, past EpicWriters and new participants, all are welcome!

The Journey awaits.

EpicWrite: Acceptance
At this 11 and up family camping event, your character will be introduced around a roaring fire. This is where your journey begins. In the morning you will set out on your quest and weave a story of old magic and fantasy following the Hero’s Journey. Families are encouraged to attend together, as well as friends. Those under eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bring your own tent, food and camping supplies!

Setting and Theme
The setting for this event is Mist Stone, a Celtic-inspired fantasy world. The theme for the event is Old Magic. Magic has the potential to give you great power, however, every spell has a cost, and can drain or harm you and the world around you if you use too much at once. This setting is meant to have the feel of an old Norse or Celtic myth. Magic affects every individual person, even if they are not themselves, a caster. The details of this world, such as what fantasy creatures live in the woods, and what the name of the towns are, is for you to decide as you roleplay. We’re leaving it open!

Acceptance is a 20-acre property being developed in cooperation with Asperger Experts into a future retreat center for people with Asperger’s, autism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and related conditions.

Asperger Experts
Asperger Experts is the world’s largest resource for advocacy and training for people with Asperger’s & their families.

Register here on the Acceptance website!



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