Writen by Elphillius Duck – Age 15 “Et ad congregandum, eos coram me” Amy dropped the match in to the bowl with a flourish as she finished the incantation. Silence followed. The kind of silence that made you want to curl up in a blanket and pretend with all your heart that you were safe … Read More


Written by Emily Kosterman – Age 22 Silence. All was still and as it should be. Then came the shaking, the rumblingā€¦and the shrieking. Tumbling off the stack of boxes, one lone package hopped its way across the street and into a gutter. Inside that box, B-63 woke up. Systems booting, she lay curled in … Read More

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the new EpicWrite website! We have been hard at work for a number of months overhauling and updating the site to be more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and to more properly represent theĀ  organization since the formation of the EpicWrite nonprofit. We’ve got some great new site features, this blog being the biggest … Read More