What they say about us

Past four days have been AMAZING. Went to EpicWrite and was drafted as a flying monkey of the kitchen, which was really fun. Then I was a Unicorn Princess trying to unlock her memory and I ran into all sorts of odd, crazy, amazing things… including a man who really doesn’t like his phone poked.

–Emily, EpicWriter


I rode horses and shot arrows and went white water rafting this summer. What was the highlight, though? Running about in a forest with fawns and fighters and others at EpicWrite!

–Eleanor, EpicWriter


Where have I been? Well, where to begin…
I’ve been hunting assassins, fighting off warlords disguised as idiots, watching my friends find keys in each others’ possessions, allying with bright pink anthropomorphic lionesses, and helping a blind soldier blow up a traitorous military base.
And writing it all down, a spectator in my own story.
I love EpicWrite and everyone involved. You all are amazing people and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

–Logan, EpicWriter


This week I…
Ran through the forest,
Fought off archmagi and unicorns,
Met a girl who could see into the future,
Wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote,
Caused and relished Insanity,
Burned things,
And then I wrote some more.

–Robbie, EpicWriter


EpicWrite was epic. Need I say more?

–Tara, EpicWriter


I think I love EpicWrite as much as Cass does! They are all extraordinary young women and men, with so much talent. Thank you to Katherine Grace Bond, and to Aaron who did an amazing job taking over this week! You all rock and the “kids” are lucky to have you!

–Quinn, EpicWrite parent


Thank you for the pictures and providing Logan with an uplifting weekend. He came back so energized and excited about his life.

–Anne, EpicWrite parent


Sean is still on a rush from the week he spent with you all. Thank you so much for giving him a great time but also giving him a direction.

–Jeriann, EpicWrite parent

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