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What do we do?


Using our own spin on Live Action Role Playing, EpicWrite offers Multi-Day Summer Events, quarterly Overnight Events, Single Day events,  classes, and workshops, to teach young adults writing skills through the Hero’s Journey.

While EpicWrite certainly fosters a love of writing and the arts, our main purpose goes beyond that: EpicWrite exists to develop supportive communities for creative young people. We promote encouragement and kindness from one young person to another—and our EpicWriters make us proud as they embrace each newcomer with the same welcome they themselves received.

Here’s how our system works:

EpicWrite’s system differs from other LARP systems: We don’t have any character classes, ranks, or even a standard combat system. If participants end up in combat with another character, and the winner, loser, and fallout are all based on if and how it would work in each participant’s story (we have safety rules and regulations for Boffer fighting, but there is no point or scoring system).

The Role Playing is broken down into scenes. Each scene is based on a step from the Hero’s Journey, in which there are twelve steps. The number of scenes at each event depends on how many days we have: Normally at our multi-day Camping Events, we do all twelve steps. At our one-day In The Park events we do between three and six.
EpicWrite events are based in various set universes, which change based on the story genre of the event. At the beginning of each scene, participants are sent to various locations at the venue. They will meet either one or multiple characters there and act out a scene based on the current step of the Hero’s Journey. After the scene, everyone is given time to write out their account of what happened in the form of a story. Then we send everyone back out for a new scene!
At the end of each event, everyone is invited to read their stories and laugh at their new friends’ interpretations of their characters. No one is forced to read their story, as we understand some folks can get uncomfortable. It’s also just fine if your story isn’t done by the end, a lot can happen in a scene, and sometimes there’s not enough time to write it all down. Several participants in the past have found just taking quick notes during writing times about what happened, then writing the story itself later works very well.
We hope this explained how our LARP system works well enough, feel free to ask any specific questions you have by emailing us at info@epicwrite.org.

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